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OROS designs and manufactures and markets noise and vibration signal analyzers, solutions and offers related services. It masters the latest technology of data acquisition, digital signal processing as well as Windows-based graphical user interface. OROS instruments are used in the major sectors of industry and research, for industrial acoustics, structural analysis and rotating machinery applications. Hardware and software are totally designed in-house.

OR35 the integrated multianalyzer

The 8 dynamic inputs make your data acquisition faster and easier gathering all signals simultaneously. Rotating machinery, diagnostics, synchronous time averaging all these are simple to handle with the integrated triggers/tachometer. The 2 high quality generators open your capabilities to shaker structure excitation such as swept sine. OR35 DSP's horsepower eliminates any real-time limitations. This dynamic signal analyzer is able to process all channels real-time, whatever the analysis mode, up to 20 kHz. OR35 package integrates the necessary functions and flexibility to easily achieve all your measurements. OROS put its wealth of experience designing noise and vibration analyzers into this integrated multianalyzer.

Acquire, analyze and store larger channel counts with your OR36 and OR38

Multiple OROS analyzers can be cascaded for measurements that require larger number of channels. From 32 to 320 channels, OROS masters your vibes, making the most of your existing equipment. The analyzers are elegantly linked by a simple Ethernet cable plus a synchronization cable and are controlled from a master PC. With both the built-in DSP horsepower and the throughput to Mobi-DiskTM you never reduce the real-time analysis & recording capabilities of your OROS equipment. Record and analyze up to 320 channels at the guaranteed real-time 20 kHz bandwidth with live monitoring.

OROS offers you a wide range of solutions to optimize your measurements

OROS, Inc.
502 Shaw Road, B-101
DULLES, VA 20166-9435 USA
Phone: (888) 200-OROS
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