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Founded in Shannon,Ireland 1997, Bustec is a leading supplier of high-performance data acquisition and test products.

Bustec products are based on computer-independent and open platform standards to ensure long-term use and preserve capital investment. Bustec leads the measurement world in accuracy and data-throughput besides offering the highest channel density available on the market today.

Bustec offers data acquisition solutions for VXI and LXI/Ethernet and uses the same function card modules interchangeably in carriers for both platforms. Function card modules include options for analogue I/O including conditioning for ICP, TC, RTD and strain, as well as digital I/O, serial, counter/timers and relay cards.

Bustec tools address applications that have needs for high accuracy of static signals such as voltage, temperature, and pressure, or dynamic signals acquired at higher speeds, as well as closed loop control and simulation. All of our hardware comes with Plug & Play drivers supported in Windows, Linux and VxWorks environments.

Bustec products provide:

  • The highest measurement precision available today with an absolute accuracy of 12 ppm
  • Highest excitation precision available today with 12 ppm accuracy
  • High channel count, High throughput
  • Unique build-in on-the-fly calibration facilities without the need to unplug your test unit
  • VXI and Ethernet/LXI based systems
  • Class B (IEEE1588) standard, 20nsec synchronization, Class A optional
  • VXI Slot-0 controllers with interface for Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express and USB.
  • Design capabilities for customers

For additional information about our company, products, and services, please visit our website below or call us.

Bustec, Inc.
6137W 10930N
Highland, Utah 84003
Tel: +1 (385) 207 8232